Technology Lab

MODELOMNI harnesses the potential of Machine Learning and Advanced Computing


Traditional methodologies are failing to deliver performance over time.

Professional Traders are prone to emotions and pressure to perform which may lead to Risk Management failures.

We realised the weaknesses to address

We invested in a team of engineers and scientists and developed the MODELOMNI Technology Lab.

With our breakthroughs in cutting edge Artificial Intelligence Technologies we have been offering our clients live trading with MODELOMNI.

Artificial Intelligence is relentless in focussing on a single task, 24 hours a day, and consistently learning from its environment (the data) in ways that humans simply can’t match.

MODELOMNI Supervised Machine Learning, Unsupervised Machine Learning and Neural Network Algorithms are designed with Risk Management as the primary driver.

MODELOMNI does not guarantee every trade will be a winner. But it does guarantee disciplined trading and strict Risk Management.

This is Alpha Generating Systematic Trading, something that professionals have been aiming for all these years.

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