TCA Reports

Wish to raise your profile with Prime Banks? Here is how MODELOMNI can help you achieve this

The Problem

Most Brokers and Investment Products (either through archaic technology, integration processes or as a deliberate act) withhold key information from you.

You may be executing very large amounts each month with Prime Banks. However due to lack of transparency and flow of information, you are "of no value" to them.


The breakdown of the FX volume traded via MODELOMNI is made available to you.

This breakdown presents your FX volume traded with each Prime Bank.

This information is highly valuable to Banks, Asset Managers and Corporations.

Modelomni allows you to improve or build your profile with Prime Banks.

Should your flow of FX volume be consistent and considered income generating by Prime Banks, it will enable you to directly engage with them and explore mutually beneficial relationships.

Examples of the above could be correspondent banking relationships, money market lines, credit lines to trade finance and more.

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