Risk Management

MODELOMNI is designed with
Risk Management as the primary driver.

MODELOMNI is designed to REACT

MODELOMNI follows a detailed plan of “Entry, Objective and Exit” at all times.

Cutting Losses and Running Profits are at the core of MODELOMNI’s approach.

Should the signal not be sufficiently clear, MODELOMNI will choose to stand aside and avoid unnecessary risks and over trading.

MODELOMNI is designed to adhere to clearly defined rules at all times.

MODELOMNI algorithms never compromise on Risk Management.

As a “belt and braces” measure, we also insure 24 hour human monitoring of MODELOMNI systems.

You do not need to be an FX trader or have particular expertise in FX to benefit from MODELOMNI performance.

Instead, you need to have expertise in Risk Management and define your parameters to suit.

Asset Managers can use MODELOMNI with ease.

You define your parameters and the technology will do the rest.

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