Portfolio Diversification

MODELOMNI offers true Portfolio Diversification with performance uncorrelated to Equities and Bonds

The Problem

There is now potentially an enormous threat looming for professionals who have overly invested in Equities and Bonds alone. Should you only be invested in correlated markets, when performance collapses the effects are devastating.

All correlated assets collapse in performance at the same time, compounding losses and decimating capital.


Alternative Investment Solution

Our portfolios and methodologies are uncorrelated to Equities and Bonds, as well as the underlying models being uncorrelated to one another.

Modelomni can deliver when Equities and Bonds are performing, and crucially, also when they are not.

This is a highly valuable diversification product for professional Asset Managers.

Modelomni is at the forefront of the FX trading technology, consistently developing new models optimised for the current market conditions and for our clients to utilise.

Contact us to see how including MODELOMNI as part of your diversified portfolio can increase returns while minimising overall risk.

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