Wall Street Banks bet on Quantum Computing

JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup and Goldman Sachs have upped their research into quantum computing. Recent breakthroughs in the field and the end of Moore’s Law in traditional computing has led many to believe that a new computing era is about to begin. In a world where faster means more opportunities to increase performance, Quantum Technology could

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Why Investors have Lost Faith with Hedge Funds

High Fees and lack of returns are pushing institutional investors away from hedge funds. Institutional investors such as Pension Funds and endowments invested in excess of $3 Trio in assets with Hedge Funds. However recent times have forced them to search elsewhere. With many hedge funds struggling, investors are looking for new opportunities. Scott Wilson,

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Painful Year for Hedge Funds in 2019

2019 was a tough year for Hedge Funds. Many were shut down due to rising costs and underperformance. The few which survived were barely afloat or returning capital to investors. As a result, for the fifth straight year, there will be more closures than launches. More than 4,000 funds have been liquidated in the past

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Clark’s Hedge Fund Contrarian Bets Backfire

And the gambling goes on…. Russel Clark’s Hedge fund, The Horseman Global fund, recorded its biggest ever annual loss due to short bets during the longest bull market in history. The hedge fund fell 35% last year. Contrarian bets made Clark on of the most watched fund managers in the word. He wagered against equities

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Hedge Funds Hack Bank of England

Where will it end? Audio feeds from Bank of England press conferences were hacked in order to receive information seconds quicker than the competition. In a world where information is power, fast traders have the possibility of making a fortune. Press conferences are usually streamed on an official Bank of England video feed which is

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Citadel Securities: Failed Experiment to $3.5 Bio Revenue

Technology is the answer Citadel Securities, the market-making firm, generates $3.5 Bio. The Ken Griffin firm outpaced similar non-banks and is also catching up to highly successful Wall Street Rivals. Citadel Securities may be even more lucrative than Griffin’s hedge fund because of reports that profit margins will exceed 30%. His wealth, long estimated at

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How Artificial Intelligence has Changed the Finance Industry.

Advances in artificial intelligence continues to impact industries and work environments with the finance industry being no exception. The Task Force on Artificial Intelligence of the House Financial Services Committee held a hearing entitled, “Robots on Wall Street: The Impact of AI on Capital Markets and Jobs in the Financial Services Industry,” on December 6

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$150 Bio Daily Trading Volume With No Human Traders

Alex Gerko (CEO and Founder of XTX) whose Kings Cross office includes a replica Apollo 11 landing capsule, arcade machines and a hallway with more than 30, 000 LEDs generating cell life cycle simulations, has amassed a net worth of $700 Mio according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. What may surprise you is that XTX

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World Renowned Trader Louis Bacon Shuts down Hedge Fund

Louis Bacon, viewed by many as the most successful trader of his generation has closed down his hedge fund, Moore Capital Management. It was not far into the past that Moore Capital was managing $14 Bio however towards the end of 2018, this was below $9 Bio. In a letter to his investors which was

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Another Hedge Fund Struggles: Stone Milliner Confirms “Winding Down”

Macro Hedge Fund, Stone Milliner has confirmed it will be returning capital amid poor performance and client withdrawals. Firm was founded with $800 Mio from Moore Capital fund which has been recently closed along with news that Louis Bacon would be quitting trading. The firm, founded by former Moore Capital traders Jens-Peter Stein, Kornelius Klobucar and

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