Martin Spurr


I spent 27 years of my career in banking where I started at the bottom of the pile and worked my way to Senior managing Director and Global Head of Electronic Markets and Prime Solutions for NatWest/RBS Group. Along my journey I followed the traditional banking progression through credit, lending to everyone from private individuals to the world’s largest corporations and institutions.

In 1994 I moved into the group Chief Executive’s office where I was responsible for developing the Groups business strategy for Corporate and Financial Markets. This role involved me in briefing the bank’s board of directors and developing the M&A transactions of the bank from new innovations to multi-billion-pound deals.

In 1999 I joined the Global Banking Markets division of the bank where I established the e-Ventures team and pioneered the transition of trading from voice to electronic dealing across all financial product areas. We took the bank from an outsider position to a top three global player by volume and during this transition we built one of the best algorithmic trading capabilities in the banking world, trading over $8bio daily volumes and making profits to match. I was a founding director of a number of today’s most successful ECNs and former Chairman of FXall.

In 2007 I left the bank to establish my own investment portfolio and have successfully incubated, turned around, grown and in 8 cases, sold a total of 11 businesses in everything from Artificial Intelligence and high frequency trading to Renewables and Marine and SubSea construction.

Model Omni has all the ingredients of being a game changing business and I am excited to be in a position to play a role in developing the business to its full ‘Unicorn’ potential, redefining the world of trading and investment and through the smart deployment of Artificial Intelligence, and bringing about a level of fairness, opportunity and equality to all participants in the financial and investment markets.

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