Kamran Usmani


My career, as a professional trader. started in 1988 working in the Futures market.
In 1990, my speciality became FX Trading and by 1992 I was a Senior Trader with Swiss Finance Corporation in London.
In 1994, I became a Chief Dealer and have been a Director there since 1998.

12 years ago, I realised traders could only be successful with very big and obvious trends in volatile markets.And even then, we are prone to our emotions, bad decision-making and poor risk management. We can be affected by pressure to perform, which impacts our behaviour.

I realised with advancing technology that there will come a time when algorithms will be way more efficient and successful at Alpha Generating FX trading than humans ever could.

I also realised that what we were witnessing was the beginning of a technology development race and the most transformational and forward thinking Tech entrepreneurs were going to shape the world moving forward.

I created MODELOMNI Technology, as a Technology Lab where we could experiment with cutting edge technologies and hone in on a working product that would consistently outperform human traders.

Alongside other highly experienced market professionals, I lead MODELOMNI’s team of scientists, developers and engineers, who consistently develop some of the most advanced Artificial Intelligence algorithms in the world today.

Please contact me should you wish to discuss anything or view a presentation.

MODELOMNI is a reality.

And we have been offering it to clients to trade live over the last two years.

I can share with you that the results are beyond encouraging. I cannot tell you how excited I am about the potential that this application has to revolutionise the market place i.e generate consistent results with minimum risk.

From the onset of the journey I understood we were always going to travel the less taken road, the one that requires constant commitment, integrity, innovation and vision, and ultimately the road where success lies.

MODELOMNI was built to perform and I am confident this is the perfect Fintech solution for you to profitably engage with the FX market.

What makes MODELOMNI the ideal solution is the fact that it can help you take advantage of Alpha generating FX trading, whether in low or high volatility market conditions.

While many professionals are embracing Artificial Intelligence to assist their trading decisions, I understand some of you may be sceptical.

However, if you ask yourself where the world is going, it is evident all aspects of our lives will be assisted or transformed by Artificial Intelligence.

MODELOMNI is taking full advantage of such cutting edge technologies and you can benefit from it today.

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