Family Office Solution


Modelomni delivers a fully-fledged solution conceived and tailored for the specific needs of Single and Multi-Family Offices.

  • Refined allocation process aligned with client’s preferred investment return and risk profiles.
  • Time effective. Configure with Intelligent allocation Tools, and simply monitor performance real time.
  • Full control: Reconfigure to increase, decrease, pause, stop, withdraw trading allocation as desired.
  • Effective Portfolio Diversification Solution. Conceived for optimising Multi-Asset-Class Portfolios IE: reducing risk and, increasing returns.
  • Developed in collaboration with reputable and high performing Family Offices.


1/ Portfolio Diversification

Modelomni can perform both while Equities and Bonds are performing, and also when they are not.
Modelomni was conceived to be uncorrelated to Equities and Bonds.

When combined as part of a traditional Equities and Bonds portfolio, Modelomni can be utilised for Reducing overall Risk while Increasing Returns.


2/ Outpacing the effects of Alpha Decay [Decaying of static methodologies over time].

Modelomni operates in a fluid and evolutionary environment driven by science and Artificial Intelligence.

Modelomni is not “a single algorithm” type of product. On the contrary, we consistently and systematically develop a wide range of unique models, each tailored to very specific market conditions. These models (part of our portfolios) only “engage” when the particular conditions for which they were conceived occur.

This transformative approach allows us to effectively outpace the effects of Alpha Decay and to always be “current” in our methodologies.


3/ Risk Management

All Modelomni models and portfolios are conceived with stringent Risk Management as the primary driver.

The inherent Risk Management rules are hardcoded into all of our trading models with the prime objective of protecting capital.

Modelomni product development team consults with reputable Family Offices on an ongoing basis to always improve and address the specific needs of Family Offices and their clients.


Please contact me should you wish to discuss anything or view a presentation.

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